trees – sticker art

Scan 1

Scan 2



blank packaging stickers make good canvases for original art

a background color with prismacolor markers

filled with intricate line-work using micron pens

The stickers are small and fun. I can usually get through one in about 2 hours so I like to do as many as I can in a day. You can see your style evolve from sticker to sticker as you learn more about the process. I’ve done close to 20 now. I anticipate more. Like I said they’re fun.


IMG_0311 IMG_0312

pigments on mini-canvases

Thanks to my mother(thank you, mother), I got 4 new mini canvases. Just playing with some color. These were painted with only red, blue and yellow inks using paperclips as “brushes”. I would apply a few drops of color and smear and mix the inks across the canvas with the paper clip.

IMG_0797 IMG_8673 IMG_7075 IMG_1990

Ink Mosaic

It’s been a while here. In fairness I’ve moved to a new city and started working at a screen printing shop. The other day at work got a mixture of inks on my pants and thought it was interesting enough to photograph. I put it into Illustrator and started messing with it. This is how it turned out. I created a mosaic pattern and manipulated the color of each piece.

ink mosaic

Andy Gilmore

I discovered digital artist Andy Gilmore a few years ago and he’s one of my favorites. If any of you have seen the top of my laptop, he is the artist responsible for the design I screen printed on it. His pieces are heavily based in geometry and rely on patterns. He then breaks those rules early and often, making him very difficult to figure out. I think thats why I like his work. You can view some of his prints for sale here not that any of you can probably afford one, but if you can get me one.

Activities_of_the_Inanimate_2_large Interstitia_large Square-Fraction_large Prima_Materia_1025_large Currentes_1081_large

Silk – Interactive Generative Art

I stumbled upon this a couple of months ago. 

Silk allows you to create colorful art against a stark black background. It has a really nice spacey effect. Choose your color or combination of colors, click and drag across the screen.  Depending on the colors you chose and the pace of your stroke different, tiny silken strands of color escape from your mouse and create flowing art. Careful not to go to this site if you have other things to do because you will get distracted.

Here are some of my silk creations.

zdfkjhvsl mhgjhg gfxxcfg dfhvsjdhb bbhh balloon1