Résumé – CV

Supra 8 – Digital Video Recoding Device

This project from my time at Virginia Tech began with a prompt from professors. We were encouraged to find a hand-held device and redesign it. The product I chose was the Flip video camera. This is my redesign.

Supra 8 - 1Supra 8 - 2Supra 8 - 3Supra 8 - 4Supra 8 - 5


Iris – Calming Light Source

This was a design project accompanied by a research paper. The resulting design is a standing light with therapeutic and calming effects.

portfolio.006 portfolio.007 portfolio.008 portfolio.009 portfolio.010 portfolio.011 portfolio.012 portfolio.013


XP Guitar – Social.  Media. Music.

XP Guitar is a way for anyone to learn, create, progress and connect with the world of music.

portfolio.014 portfolio.015 portfolio.016 portfolio.017 portfolio.018 portfolio.019 portfolio.020 portfolio.021 portfolio.022 portfolio.023 portfolio.024 portfolio.025 portfolio.026 portfolio.027 portfolio.028 portfolio.029 portfolio.030 portfolio.031 portfolio.032


Sketching & Original Artwork

portfolio.040 portfolio.039 portfolio.038 portfolio.037 portfolio.036 portfolio.035portfolio.033 portfolio.034

STGfall13 crest2013

peaceink mosaic


Post Grad: Consultant for Large Client

portfolio.043 portfolio.041 portfolio.042


Post Grad: Freelance Graphic Design



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